Sunday, May 19, 2013

VIP Visits at Gander

We just posted an interesting article about an unknown visit by the Queen in 1953 . The strategic position of Gander Airport as a refuelling stop led to untold visits by VIP and celebraties during this pre-jet aviation era. Doug Shepard, in an interview some years ago, related his experience having given a ride to Frank Sinatra to the Eaton's store where he bought a gift for his baby daughter Nancy. These are just a few examples of 'sightings' of VIPs that passed through the airport. The terminal in those days was an exciting place to visit. You would never know who you would see.

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Cliff Powell said...

re -the queens refuelling stop at 3 am and the crowd of people who awakened her i believe the instignator of this event was a miss /mrs gullickson who i believe was a c-q at one of the barricks in gander, maybe others could elaborate on this.