Sunday, September 28, 2014

Shell Oil Finally Leaves Gander

Shell Oil, probably one of the oldest corporate companies associated with Gander airport, recently had it’s last oil tanks removed from the airport property. Rod Hayden, the first Shell manager came to Botwood first and then on to Gander when the airport first opened. He was the only civilian American before and during the early war days. He lived three houses down the road from Charlie Blackie’s residence on Chestnut St. and was the unofficial US Consul for Gander.  Americans of note were invited to his house when ever they visited Gander. Peter Blackie remembers Gene Autry, who was a copilot on a Liberator tanker, once visited  there. Shell Oil, as many older Gander residents can remember, was a major employer during the airports heyday.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Beacon Story of Alena's Visit

The Gander Beacon this week published a front page story about the visit of Ms. Alena Zimova’s sentimental visit to Gander. We take it upon ourselves to make this story available to those who do not have the opportunity to read this article. The reporter, Brandon Anstey, was very accurate in relating the events that unfolded. He did a job well done.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Czech Crash Survivor Visits Gander Airport

The long awaited arrival of Ms. Alena Zimova finally arrived this past weekend. Alena survived the 1967 crash that occurred on Sept 5 of that year. She, along with her son and son in-law, arrived on Sept 12 and left today Sept 16. The GAHS were very happy and proud to be a part of organizing her visit. In particular we thank the cooperation and help of The Gander International Airport Authority, Dr. Peter Blackie, Ethel Fogwill and Maurice Geange. Ethel was the nurse in the Emergency room and Maurice was a part of the Airport Rescue team that eventful night. The crash site visit was carried out by the airport authority as well as a sponsored reception in the International Lounge that  evening. There she met and spoke with those who assisted in her rescue 47 years earlier. It was very moving to see Alena’s reaction and showing her appreciation to the welcome she received. We intend to make more comments on this event in the near future.