Friday, September 30, 2016

They Were First At The Crash Scene

Sometime you find the nicest gems when you are just looking for something entirely different. Recently we just celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Sabena OO-CBG accident which was recorded by Rogers TV. While we were checking YouTube to see if Rogers had put something up, we discovered an old Land & Sea production back some 25 years ago. It was about two trappers that were first on the scene just hours after the accident happened. This lost video is a real treasure indeed. For your enjoyment.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

70th Anniversary of Sabena Crash

Sept. 18 marks the 70th Anniversary of the historic Sabena crash which occurred when a DC4,OO-CBG, while on approach to Gander airport, crashed into the wilderness some 25NM SW of the runway in 1946. There were 44 people on board including the flight crew.16 survived but were severely injured. Unable to call for help they remained alive surviving the weather, the mosquitos and lack of food for 2 days before rescuers found them and administered assistance. Detailed information can be found on our website describing the rescue mission.

The GAHS will be hosting a ceremony to commemorate the anniversary on this date at the 103 SAR hanger under the authority of 9 Wing, Gander. Invited guests will include the Belgian Ambassador and USCG personal. During the ceremony, the GIAA will dedicate two streets at the airport in honour of two individuals who were instrumental in the rescue mission's success. In addition, 103 SAR will fly the ambassador and special members of the group to the crash site for an aerial viewing. Although this is a private ceremony due to Base security reasons, Rogers TV will be documenting the entire proceeding for public viewing on the Rogers local public channel. USCG is also celebrating its 100th anniversary by noting this rescue mission was the first time a helicopter was used in a civilian rescue. USCG then adopted the helicopter as its main rescue vehicle leading other countries to follow suit.

This was an historic aviation crash in not only was the helicopter proven to be a useful rescue aircraft but other aviation regulations were developed in the field of airport approach procedures and mandatory crew rest regulations. Civilian Ground Controlled Approach radar, the first in the world, was introduced at the Gander airport shortly after. Another role Gander played in aviation's history.

Monday, July 25, 2016

GAHS Has A New Director On Its Board

We would like to introduce you to Captain Josiah (Joe) Goodyear, our newest director, to our board effective immediately. Many who are from the area may have known Joe, son of Joe & Claris Goodyear, as a young lad who grew up in Gander. Joe is a retired officer of the Canadian Forces and is now working as a reservist for 9 Wing as their Heritage Officer. Joe has come to our attention for his work with us in liaison with 9 Wing on our planned Sabena Memorial Anniversary to be held on Sept 18 this year.  Joe was invited to be a director on our Board and has accepted his appointment. Joe's family of the Goodyear Humber Stores fame, was an integral part in the history of Gander airport.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Something New Coming To The NAAM in Gander

GAHS is planning on bringing something new to the NAAM. In conjunction with the help of individuals at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum (CWH), a digital model for the flight simulator is being constructed to portray Gander during WWII showing all the buildings and runway layout. In addition airplanes and buildings for additional models for the post war airport up to the new terminal opening and another for the present day. The 3 models will be incorporated into the present flight simulator to enable you to fly into and land at Gander in 3 different eras. These models  will also be displayed on a flat screen monitor, for those not familiar with flight simulators, to view a video of what the old airport town looked like, by taking a visual tour of the airport, to be shown in a continuous loop. This should be available in 2017, as well as a 3D table model of the airport, all to be displayed at the museum. Be prepared to take a trip back in time to the old Gander.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Canadian Geographic Magazine

The Canadian Geographic magazine's cartographer has informed us they working on an article about the evolution of Gander and its airport. They have asked us for some historical air photography to show how the town and airport have evolved. We here at GAHS are more than enthused with this project. We have spent the last few days uploading information to assist them. Unfortunately the better the quality the better the result. Most of our images of the airport are not in the best of condition but all we can do is try. Their main interest is aerial images from the late 30's, 40's and 50's to portray this evolution. If anyone has good quality aerial images they wish to share, please pass them along.