Sunday, November 22, 2015

Stuart McLean

It was with deep sadness to hear of Stuart Mclean's health issues. We just hope and pray that his treatment will be successful. For those who have never heard or for those who wish to hear it again, here is Stuart's tribute to the Gander Airport and it's town.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

BBC Documentary Recognizes Gander Airport

Just came across an interesting documentary from the BBC on YouTube entitled The Way We Move. The basic concept of this documentary shows how the world has become smaller as a result of innovations in travel. What attracted our interest was about aviation and the complementary comments they made about Gander airport as well as some very good video. You will have to wait however for at least 45 minutes or so into the production before the bit on Gander is shown. This is well worth watching.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

RAF Ferry Command

Nov 10, 1940 marks the most important event that has very occurred at the Gander Airport. 7 Hudson bombers left Gander on a perilous voyage to the UK. Once proven to be successful, RAF Ferry Command commenced. This event, later acknowledged through out the world, was a key factor that led to the defeat of Nazi Germany. Gander Airport was about to morph into a world renown airport. To be known throughout aviation worldwide. We commend the Gander Rotary Club and the North Atlantic Aviation Museum in the organization of this anniversary. For more information on RAF Ferry Command we ask that you visit our website.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Above and Beyond

CBC produced a two part doc/drama back in 2006 entitled Above and Beyond, the story of RAF Ferry Command in WWII. Playing key roles were Nfld’s Allan Hawco, Mark Critch, and Peter Soucy. The extras used during the film consisted mainly of people from Gander. The location of the production was Gander Airport and the main prop was the Hudson Bomber from the North Atlantic Aviation Museum. A worth while view to relive the 75th anniversary that will take place on Nov 10. To view the video click here.