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Mike McAnany said...

Very nice to see this web page. As a 13 year Gander controller and an aviation history buff, I'm going to love this. Kudos to the originators

Rianna Hickey said...

Wow thank you sooo much for writing me back and sending me the pictures.  My mom helped me to make up my own slide show using your pictures and some I already had and I even put some on there from when my dad went to see it.  I already have in my report that it was the first time helicopters were used in an airplane crash rescue.  That’s pretty cool.  And I put your website on my project for letting me use your pictures and information. We have to do that. It's a really, really interesting story!!!  Do you have a picture of Dr. Samuel P. Martin?  I looked all over the internet and the only one i can find is the one where he is in the group of rescuers but i would like to have one by himself too.  I found one of the pilot of the plane.  Thank you very much for helping me with my Heritage fair project!

Pete Tresadern said...

I am researching RAF No 35 Squadron's Goodwill Tour of USA in 1946 and was wondering if you have any information / photographs relating to its stay at Gander in July and August of that year.

Any help would be much appreciated.

webster said...

Re RAF No35 Sqn. at Gander in 1946. Our research shows lot of information at http://www.pprune.org/aviation-history-nostalgia/410951-operation-goodwill-1946-merged-2.html but unfortunately no pics at this time. We do know on their return trip back to the UK one of the Lancs had to return due to mechanical problems, landed short of the threshold and killed a number of local pedestrians walking on the roadway. We plan on writing an article about the accident later on our website.

Pete Tresadern said...

Thanks for the feedback.

I do have a newspaper cutting from the Toronto Star which reports on the incident involving the civilians.

I also have a copy of the squadron's Operations Record Book which mention eating at "The Airlines Hotel" and having a picnic at Deadman's Pond.

Do any period photographs of these exist?


webster said...

Here some links to pages on our website with reference to your enquires.

Accommodations in Gander during these years were at the Saturn & Jupiter Hotels next to the Terminal building.



Deadmans pond was located a bout a mile from the Terminal area and was a recreational area for that time.


If able, we sure would like to see a copy of the 2 documents you refer in your post; the Operations Record Book and the Toronto Star article. This would add to our artifacts. Copies may be sent to our email gahs.webster@gmail.com if you are willing to share.

Yvonne Dionne said...

Hi there, I'm enjoying going through your pages. Regarding the mystery photo, the one with the groups of people in close up... Could the group of women possibly include the young Princess Elizabeth to the right? She and Philip visited Canada by plane in 1951, three months before her father's death. I think this photo looks very much like her.

RAFFerryCommand.com said...

Thought you folks would like to see our new RAF Ferry / Transport Command web page ... would like to include you and your team (names) on this page ... making the rounds all over the world - no longer with any man or women who served in any capacity with the RAF FC/TC (including the all-important Air Transport Auxiliaries (women were NOT welcome in ferrying aircraft overseas ... gender equality did not exist in those early days of aviation) ... the web site is at www.RAFFerryCommand.com

Ms Donna McVicar-Kazo and her daughter Christianna (Christie) Cannon, both of Davie, Florida, built and are helping me sustain this new web site ... Donna's father, Don McVicar, was one of the early dauntless and frontier-busting pilots from the mid-30s onwards, through his RAF FC/TC years and well beyond WW II.

My NEW e-mail address is tedbeaudoin@yahoo.ca ... no longer at gmail.com as it was hacked some time ago ...