Thursday, February 28, 2013

OO-CBG Accident Report

The OO-CBG Accident Report has just been posted on the website . Tom Beard wrote a summary at the beginning followed by the official report itself. Some of the events that led up to the accident are very indicative of this era, that being this was the start of commercial air travel with a definite lack of accepted rules and regulations. Accidents like this were bound to happen before findings were noted, with lessons learned and recommendations enacted upon. One would have to notice the flight crew were very young, with little experience. Was age or the lack of experience an important factor or was it the fact that the crew being in operational status for over 16 hours, that created poor judgment caused by fatigue? It wasn’t mentioned as a contributing factor in the official report. However they did state that pilot error was the key to the accident with no recommendation to consider a maximum operational flying time.

Another point, not only was the accident the first by a commercial air carrier in the world but this report was the also first and only aircraft accident report made by the Government of Nfld. That should be a good trivial question for the aviation buffs out there.

Sure would like to hear comments on this one.

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