Monday, February 9, 2015

A New Section In WWII Era

If anyone missed or was unable to see ‘Fallen War Birds’ on Land & Sea this past weekend here is a link to watch this very fine production by the CBC. Lisa Daly recently has written her MUN thesis on these crashes during WWII in the Gander area based on her research. She intends to take chapters from her thesis, adapt them to be separate and a more detailed look at each of the crashes, to be posted on our website. We have just posted a new section in the WWII era titled ‘Warbird Down’ based on airplane crashes during WWII and also in preparation for posting Lisa’s future work. This should be a most interesting addition to the airport’s history.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fallen War Birds on Land & Sea

Lisa Daly, our plane crash girl , has informed us that Sunday's (Feb 8) Land and Sea will feature Gander. Lisa, Dr. Mike Deal and Dana Young, instructor at CNA, went to a couple of sites around Gander to discuss the importance of Gander during WWII and the need to protect the crash sites and remember their history. The show synopsis is on the CBC website and it will be online after Sunday. This show will be available outside of NL for the interested. We will be featuring Lisa's work on the history of these crashes on our website in the near future.