Saturday, August 23, 2014

Canadian Lancaster Update

A special thanks go out to Mike Mcanany for sending along this special link from the air demonstration of the only two Lancaster’s capable of flying, in the world, over England during the last few days. This scene of the British and Canadian Lancasters flying in formation later accompanied with a Spitfire and Hurricane fighter is something to see. This is a flash back to the past.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Stuart McLean Revisited

I am sure many of our reader have listened to Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Cafe on CBC Radio. Likewise many of our readers are new to the Coffee Shop, not reading some of our past publications. We thought with all the airport’s terminal controversy going on it would be worth while to revisit the Vinyl Cafe’s past live performance in Gander and listen once more to his views on the history of Gander Airport. Just goes to show why we here at GAHS feel it is so important to not forget what Gander’s role was to world aviation. Sort of stimulates the pride we once had and should keep it alive.